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Simple Rules, Simple Tools™  Masterclass

You'll learn One Simple Rule with proof from history in your Masterclass. Don't believe the results until you do it for yourself! Three different case studies, plus a step-by-step walk through so you can prove it for yourself on your own computer. Once you complete this Masterclass, you'll know how this simple rule works, and how to put it to use for yourself right now, today!


2 Page Bonus Cheatsheet

Once you complete the Masterclass, you'll have access to a 2-page cheatsheet for easy reference. You'll be able to verify everything you learned in the Masterclass at your own pace. Includes easy, time-saving step-by-step instructions. Use this to checkup on each of your holdings, simple & easy.


Bonus 2020 Update Videos

When you take advantage of this special limited offer right now, you'll get access to 2020 Update Videos. You'll see how the One Simple Rule you learned in the Masterclass worked during the most volatile market in history. You'll have access to this Fast Action Bonus once you complete the Masterclass. 

What Top Economists & Pros Say About Using Proven Systems...

“You don't have to pick tops and bottoms to increase portfolio return. There is a lesser known, but more effective defensive strategy that can work for anyone who takes the time to set it up and follow through with it."

Erik Conley

Trader, Analyst, and former Portfolio Manager

(quote from article on

"It can be hard to find a true expert who does not have a conflict of interest,"  and “Many people have made money selling magic potions and Ponzi schemes, but few have gotten rich selling the advice, 'Don’t buy that stuff'."

Richard Thaler, Ph.D.

Nobel Prize Winning Economist, Professor of Behavioral Science, University of Chicago

(quotes from "Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness"")

"...provides comparable returns as a 100% stocks buy-and-hold strategy but with substantially less risk." and "..provides comparable risks as a 50/50 fixed allocation strategy, but with much higher returns."

Wade Pfau, Ph.D., CFA

Retirement Researcher,  Co-editor, Journal of Personal Finance

(quote from article published in Applied Financial Economics)

NOTE: These quotes are intended to  show opinions regarding utiliziing proven techniques for investment.

They are not intended to imply any endorsement of Winstreet Press or the Simple Rules, Simple Tools™ Masterclass

Frequently asked questions:

I've always heard "no one can beat the market"?

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It never hurts to have a second opinion, especially when it comes to investments! In most cases, you'd have to get a second opinion from ANOTHER financial advisor. Let's face it: The new advisor will ALWAYS have a 'better way' and will find some problems with what you have in place. With this Masterclass, you'll have to tools to check - FOR YOURSELF - to see how your current advisor is doing compared to simple proven strategies. You'll have your own benchmark for comparison in the future so you can be confident in the way your money is invested - whether you use a financial advisor or you handle your investments yourself.

What if I've never handled investments before?

What case studies will I see?

I've bought newsletters and trading systems before and they didn't work?

I don't have time to follow investments, that's why I hired a financial advisor?

This sounds too difficult?

Who is Winstreet Press and why are you offering this Masterclass?

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